A child could do it?

illustrator: Gale Peck. Sketch for fashion layout.

Illustrator: Gale Peck. Sketch for fashion layout.

In a television ad, a little girl was shown making photocopies on a Xerox copier to illustrate how easy it was to operate. This was at a time when the product was relatively new, so some viewers questioned if the little girl making copies wasn’t misleading advertising. Even the Federal Trade Commission intervened.

In rebuttal, the director, George Lois, created a new commercial. Only this time instead of a little girl, he demonstrated the same process using a chimpanzee. The photocopying chimpanzee was an instant hit, and sales for Xerox soared. In fact, their original ten-year sales objective was achieved in just six months.

Which underscores one of the basic tenets of good advertising. A simple, impactful message beats a lot of overworked hodgepodge every time. Keep it simple!

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