Catalog covers tell a story

Design/Art Direction: Gale Peck, Client: Hallmark

Design/Art Direction: Gale Peck, Client: Hallmark

As Daniel Pink, best-selling author and business thinker says,  “A story is not just logic. It’s the narrative.”

We all know logic is a very good thing.  But do you ever wonder why you just appreciate some things and then really connect with other things?

Any catalog design worth its salt is based on logic. But if you really want to engage someone and make a meaningful connection, tell a story.

I know what you’re thinking: “But I sell widgets. You can’t tell a story about that.”

Telling a story is just adding a an additional layer of depth. Even the simplest of  catalog covers can tell a story. That emotional connection can make all the difference between your catalog capturing someone’s eye or going unnoticed.

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