Advertising: my, how it’s changed!


Cowgirl left: Gale Peck. Cowgirl right: Gale's cousin Patty

Cowgirl left: Gale Peck. Cowgirl right: Gale’s cousin Patty Ann

In the earlier days of advertising, it was simply enough to let someone know what you had for sale. It was nice to talk about the product’s benefits and all, but in the days of far less competition, sometimes you just had to let someone know you had something for sale and they would come…

In the “golden age of advertising”, often all you had to do was come up with a catchy jingle or bring in some tap dancers. Or depict Fred and Wilma Flintstone lighting up a Winston cigarette (the lighter was a clamshell that popped open). Like what you see? You can buy it! In today’s extremely segmented marketplace, customers are used to personalized messages and expect you to know what they want. That’s why really understanding your target audience and making sure your branding is spot-onĀ  is so absolutely essential.

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