Gale Peck is absolutely, hands down one of the finest graphic designers I have worked with in my 25+ year career. Her work is worthy of the leading companies in American business. It’s no surprise that she’s worked for Eddie Bauer, and many other “household names” — she’s that good. I have used her work for clients and also have bought her work for my own companies. Gale is a consummate professional and spot on in creating sophisticated designs that, nonetheless, sell. She’s one of the few designers I’ve met with a fine strategic mind. Easy to work with and worth every penny.

Lea Pierce
Strategist/Copywriter for Fast Growing Financial Superstars


Iceberg Strategic showed us how to play up our strengths and create a strong brand in a profession where thoughtful branding is practically nonexistant. Thanks to Gale Peck, we far exceeded our $$ goals for a year-long campaign in the first six months! She really knows her stuff. Thanks to her expertise, we have taken our business to the next level and we look forward to a long and productive partnership.

David Lee
Owner and Founder, DK Landscaping


Image is everything. And Gale can create that image for you. She made mine. Check it out. I love it. Very easy for me to recommend her!

Dale Johnson All Around Auto Repair


Gale’s true sense of style came through for us when we were going through the rebranding process. Ours is a very difficult subject for many in the community to talk about. We wanted to have a name, as well as colors and an overall environment that promoted safety and a sense of well being. Gale, in her thoughtful way came up with Verity – truth – and it has been a tremendous fit since we previewed our new logo three years ago. You couldn’t find a more thoughtful, mindful and inspiring person to support your work than Gale. Kudos to her!

Christine Castillo
Executive Director,


My business card was very generic. Gale said to me, “Kitty, let’s put a face on your business and make you the one notary people remember!”. It was perfect for my card and it definitely sets me apart from other notaries. I also have a sign in my back car window of this same logo, and people smile and wave at me as I go by. I frequently get calls to notarize a document because people saw my car and the great logo Gale created.

Kitty Rutherford
Traveling Notary Public

Gale helped us redefine our corporate identity with stand out graphic designs (logo, web and advertising) that really made a difference.

Jean Vittot
International Consultant 


Gale’s incredible creative talents are responsible for creating the logo for my winery compliance business, which is no small task to come up with an image for! She really took the time to create an image that reflects my business & my personality.

Ann Reynolds
Winemaking Compliance Expert, Speaker and Author


It has been a pleasure to work with Gale on a number of interesting design projects over the past 3 years. She listens well to client needs and then develops a clear, creative point of view on a project. She is flexible and easy to work with. She has a wealth of experience across different industries, and this adds broad perspective to her work. Gale is creative and flexible and delivers great results, on time and on budget.

Kathie Barclay
Founder at Barclay Marketing Solutions