Typography talks!

Graphic Design: Gale Peck

Graphic Design: Gale Peck

You may have heard about the teenager who proposed a way for the federal government to save millions of dollars a year (in ink) by simply changing the typefaces it uses for printing.

But were you aware that selecting the right typeface can also increase readership? If you’ve ever found it difficult to read through a block of copy and then just gave up, you’ve experienced reader’s fatigue.

As an advertiser, you want to engage your reader and keep their attention as long as possible. Have you ever tried to read a paragraph set in all capital letters? Don’t you feel like someone is shouting at you? Or here’s a common mistake on websites: light or white type on a dark background. Again, it isn’t long before you’ve given up in frustration–it’s just too much work.

In graphic design, there are thousands of different typefaces, and it’s important to understand how to use them thoughtfully in order to ensure your reader has a positive experience. And keeps on reading!

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