Sir Isaac Newton doesn’t work here any more

512px-Newton_portrait_with_apple_tree.svg copyWe’re all familiar with the iconic Apple logo, which has undergone many changes over the years. But did you know that the original logo looked very different?

The original logo from 1976 has an elaborate illustration depicting Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple hanging over his head (just moments away from his law of gravity epiphany). The original logo had too much going on, however. Eventually it was simplified to just one of its elements, the apple. At a glance the apple was easy to recognize and it was easy to reproduce in all kinds of media. It’s no surprise these two criteria are at the heart of good basic logo design.

A logo doesn’t tell you the whole story of a business or everything they do. Primarily it differentiates one company from another at a glance. No matter how simple (and effortless) a successful logo may appear, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.


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